Google's Android is one of the most exciting Mobile Platforms available in the market. Android supports Java Language for developers hence, third party applications on Java could be developed that can run on Android Platform. 

The beta version of the Android SDK provides access to a wide range of useful libraries and tools that can be used to build rich applications. For example Android enables developers to obtain the location of the device and allows devices to communicate with one another enabling rich peer-to-peer social applications.

Android Application Development Team at Intercurve has vast experience in JAVA programming and Mobile Apps Development and therefore, it is a best-of-breed team to develop, test and port various applications for Android Platform. 

Android does not differentiate between the phone's core applications and third-party applications, So that Android provides vast area of Application Category like, 

  • Communication applications
  • Office/Business application
  • Multimedia Application
  • Travel Guides Applications
  • Internet Application
  • Fun & Entertainment Applications, Games
  • Utility applications
  • Location-Based Tools Applications
  • Barcode Scanners Applications

You can outsource your Android Application Development Project to us on the basis of an Offshore Development Model or Hire an Android Programmer from Intercurve for your specific Android Application Development, Testing, or Porting requirements.  

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