Supply Chain Solutions

Globalization of businesses has made it complex for manufacturers, distributors and online marketplaces to grow, sourcing from global centers and using multi-tier and multi-party supply networks consisting of distribution centers, logistics service providers, online aggregators, contractors and suppliers. These organizations need methods for accessing information and getting visibility into the entire supply chain. Their objective is to plan the supply chain parameters, continually examine efficient ways of getting information, sharing it across these networks and stakeholders, integrating information from various sources and using the data to reduce inventories, working capital costs and wastage.

Intercurve provides these organizations comprehensive industry specific Supply Chain Management solutions using a combination of packaged and custom software to help them achieve these objectives. Our solutions span across different industries for supply chain planning, collaboration and execution.

We create solutions in the areas of:

  • Procurement Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Master Data Management and Parts Management
  • Supplier Consolidation
  • Collaborative eCommerce

Integration of Supply Chain Solutions into other Applications

ERP, CRM and other applications create silos of information on that often do not provide a “single value of truth” to various departments. This leads to inaccurate data on inventory across locations, creating part shortages, duplicate orders, orders that cannot be executed and wasted inventories, resulting in wastages in the supply chain.

Intercurve builds custom solutions to integrate data across disparate applications touching the supply chain. These typically include ERP (Navision, Axapta, GP, SAP, Baan, Oracle), CRM (Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM) and other applications like Parts Management, Engineering Data Management and PLM.

SharePoint Applications

Intercurve uses Microsoft SharePoint to build custom applications that integrate with your ERP, CRM and other enterprise applications to provide your management complete visibility across the supply chain.

Examples of Supply Chain Solutions from Intercurve

  • A custom application based on Microsoft technology, for an online bags and accessories retailer that integrates the flow of inventory data from 200 vendors and reduces launch time of a new season from 12 weeks to 2 weeks. The application interfaced with JD Edwards ERP and leveraged Web services to connect to other online retailers.
  • A Parts Management Solution for a large truck and bus manufacturer that integrates parts data from ERP, PLM and other legacy systems to provide a single master view of parts data across departments, vendors and plant locations.
  • A Custom SharePoint solution integrated with Navision and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a leading small-business supply chain integrator that serves the Department of Defense as well as other industries.


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