HR Consultancy

Nowadays there is an ever-growing demand for IT personnel as outsourcing to India continues to flourish. The recruitment and retention of quality resources is essential for a company to succeed but finding the right sources at the right time can be both time-consuming and a drain on a company’s own resources and budget. Our New-age services are designed to meet the complex manpower challenges faced by the IT industry today.

At INTERCURVE we offer innovative, flexible and cost-effective HR consulting services either on a complete outsourcing basis or joint basis:

  • Fully outsourced recruitment service
  • Co-outsourced recruitment service

Fully outsourced recruitment service 

When a client wants to focus on the core functions of their business leaving non-core functional areas to experts, they can bank on our services. Our fully outsourced recruitment service passes the management of recruitment to us, the professionals, leaving the client with more time to manage other aspects of their business. Our recruitment team works like an extended HR team employing an in-house strategy, analyzing manpower needs, rolling out an action plan, holding recruitment sessions, conducting technical screening, short-listing and following up on candidates, in short, overseeing the whole process until the new recruit is taken on board. 


  • Complete end-to-end recruitment cycle managed outside the company
  • No stress to management ensuring their time can be spent managing core functions
  • Freedom to technical resources to focus on projects
  • Savings on hiring and maintaining an in-house HR team when their services may not warrant a full–time/long-term commitment
  • Better utilization of space with billable resources

Co-outsourced recruitment service 

When a company has recruitment demands that cannot always be met by their own HR team, a project has fluctuating demands, or there is a sudden surge in the number of projects taken on, for example, our co-outsourced recruitment services are the perfect solution.

Whatever the size or strength of the in-house HR team, INTERCURVE will share their trained recruitment staff to meet any unmatched demands. Our staff can offer various levels of support, from coordination and recruitment management to technical cooperation for screening & interview sessions, or with administrative functions. This enables a company to respond quickly and positively to resource requirements.

This service is ideal when:

  • The internal team, with their different specialist knowledge, is involved in projects but other more ad hoc positions need to be filled.
  • A shortage of manpower exists both in administrative support and for technical interviewing sessions
  • A sudden surge in demand arises which the internal team cannot handle
  • It is not realistic to increase the size of a permanent workforce to meet short term demands
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