Our Value proposition

If you have ever tried to account for some of the ancillary costs associated with managing your workforce, you will quickly understand the value of contracting with Intercurve Staffing for HR services..

  • The cost of workers' compensation is built into our rate..
  • No more classified ads to place or recruiting time and effort... Intercurve handles all the recruiting..
  • Our HR professionals handle the interview process for you. This keeps your company focused on core operations.
  • Handling of screening procedures.
  • Why hire full-time if you might only need them part-time? Intercurve allows you to adjust your work force more readily.
  • We handle all risk management services on the employees we provide!

The energy, resources and environment sectors are facing an impending talent crisis based on the predicted pace of growth in these sectors driven by the necessity to provide energy supply and natural resources for energy security and economic prosperity. The aging workforce in traditional oil & gas, mining and utility sectors is joined by the insatiable demand for qualifiedtalent in the emerging sectors in clean energy, environmental sciences and clean technology. Intercurve has built a truly global database of professionals across all these sectors, many with transferable skills and mobility. We can assist organizations in overcoming skill shortages in critical disciplines by providing the most in demand talent.;



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