Web Application Development Services

At Intercurve, we specialize in building and supporting robust, high-capacity web applications and information systems for organizations with online business models. For over ten years, we have used our expertise in eCommerce development, intranet and portal development, personalization technology, and community building to design systems that manage customer information, analyze complex data sets, and target and deliver personalized content.

Intercurve provides web application development and maintenance services for online retailing, marketing and media companies, and web/advertising portals from its CMM Level 4 Offshore Development Center in Bangalore, India. Trigent's ebusiness solutions are characterized by a reliable, scalable architecture that reduces downtime while withstanding large volumes of transactions.

Intercurve's offshore web application development services address the following areas:

  • Merchandizing and catalog management
  • Supply chain integration and management
  • Personalization and email management
  • Custom CRM applications
  • Process automation for sourcing, ordering, inventory management and fulfillment processes

Intercurve uses Microsoft development technologies, Open Source technologies, and homegrown frameworks in the J2EE area to rapidly develop and deploy these web applications.

Our ebusiness solutions help your online business by:

  • Expanding and enriching the scope of your services
  • Providing integration with enterprise systems
  • Enhancing customer experience on your site through improved navigation, search and support functions
  • Automating internal and customer-facing processes
  • Working more efficiently with vendors and partners by using customized eBusiness integration applications
  • Establishing best practices in developing and maintaining back-end applications.
  • Reducing your total cost of operations using our Offshore eBusiness and Web development teams in India
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