Open Source / LAMP expertise

The open source components consisting of the LAMP stack have been proven as a stable, secure and often better performing alternative to its commercial counterpart. LAMP being suitable for both simple as well as complex applications, is used by Intercurve in several projects. Intercurve’s approach to development ensures the LAMP based solutions are designed to have a scalable architecture, faster response time customizability, and lower cost.

Intercurve provides custom PHP development services for dynamic and mission critical applications. Intercurve has experience integrating with ready to use API’s to generate desired results or convert them to Web Services. We work with the current PHP 5 object oriented frameworks to help cut down development time, improve performance and ensure better security for the applications.

Intercurve has unique and extensive experience integrating VOIP (Asterisk) modules for PHP web based applications.

Intercurve's services include

  • Custom application development
  • PHP web programming
  • VOIP based application development and integration with PHP application
  • Database-driven development
  • Maintenance & enhancements
  • Legacy applications migration
  • Web services integration
  • Search engine
  • Social networking portals
  • Chat boards and forum
  • Content management system
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