Permanent Placement

Today, hiring managers and key procurement personnel have a virtually overwhelming number of sources for information technology professionals to fill permanent positions. Internet-based job boards, college fairs, advertisements or personal referrals can generate dozens of candidates for one position. Handled internally, sorting, screening and interviewing all of these candidates can take days, weeks or even months – potentially crippling critical IT projects and support operations. Worse yet, many candidates these sources return may not even have the basic qualifications needed to join your team.

INTERCURVE realizes how critical it is to find the best IT professionals rapidly – finding candidates faster than our competitors is has been our primary business focus for the past 10 years. We judge our entire account management process on how quickly we respond to client requests. Our team of business development managers and recruiters use these processes to develop a pipeline of top IT professionals ready for assignments.

Our extensive network enables recruiters to seek out exceptional professionals who have been successfully employed but may not be traced through the usual channels. Special interview methods and multi-layered reference techniques are then used to select candidates to match specific requirements.

Our Full-time Employment service lets our clients have the following advantages:

  • Time savings by eliminating the need to assess and check candidates’ qualifications and experience
  • Cost savings made by cutting out the expense of advertising and by enabling staff to concentrate on their own specific briefs.
  • Staffing Process Flow
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