Black Berry

BlackBerry is undoubtedly the most favorite Mobile Phone of Business professionals today. Along with its top class push-email services, most of its models are now coming as full-fledged all-in-one Mobile Phones with rich multimedia features. Demand for various applications for BlackBerry is growing rapidly across the globe. Being passionate for everything in Mobile Applications space, Intercurve Technologies has ramped up its teams to cater more customers who have requirements for BlackBerry Applications.  

Our BlackBerry Application Development Teams have strong expertise over BlackBerry J2ME, BlackBerry MDS and the use power of RIM BlackBerry JDE and other cutting edge tools to provide world class Application Development Services for BlackBerry.

Following are our major Outsourcing Services for BlackBerry:

  • Customized BlackBerry Applications and Game Development and QA Services
  • Porting of existing applications to BlackBerry from other platforms
  • Web 2.0 Applications Development for BlackBerry
  • Third-party Software Integration with BlackBerry platform

We've built BlackBerry Applications meant for End User's requirements as well as for Various Industries and Business Requirements. Following are some examples of BlackBerry Applications that we've developed for our Global Customers: 

  • Business and e-Commerce Applications for BlackBerry
  • Workflow Solutions for BlackBerry
  • BlackBerry Games
  • BlackBerry Marketing and Advertising Applications
  • CRM Applications for BlackBerry
  • VoIP Solutions for BlackBerry
  • GPS Applications for BlackBerry
  • Call Control Applications
  • Multimedia Games
  • IMS Solutions/ Instant Messaging Solutions for BlackBerry
  • Social Networking Portals for BlackBerry

We've developed applications for almost all available and most popular BlackBerry OS Versions. Click here to see the list of those BlackBerry OS Versions and related devices.

You can outsource your Application Development Project to us on the basis of anOffshore Development Model or Hire a BlackBerry Programmer from Intercurve for your specific project requirements. 

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