Corporate Intranets

SharePoint is suitable for corporate Intranets to create easy to operate platform for departmental and corporate functions. These portals empower employees to easily share relevant information, collaborate on work processes, communicate in secure environment and have the familiar office productivity tools well integrated into the overall environment. Our services can quickly get you up and running for one or many of the functions you may need to integrate on SharePoint. Some examples of such functions are:

  • Marketing workflow application to manage sales pipeline, integrated with your CRM solution.
  • HR portal to manage employee related workflow more effectively
    • Employee Handbook or Policy Manual
    • Company information for new employee orientation
    • Benefits Management
    • Travel Management
    • Employee Surveys and suggestions box
  • Management Portal for BI dashboards that integrate different departmental information
  • Market research function to leverage content management and search functions of SharePoint
  • Social networking features could be used to improve cross functional communication and collaborations

A working, field beta quality intranet portal can be ready in as little as 5 weeks featuring MySites, basic document management, social networking, sample workflow and integration with your Active Directory.

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